iPhone 5-Vibrating like earthquake !

It’s not really like the title goes ,but to some extent ,at least one version of iPhone 5 vibrates louder ,that is enough to make a user to panic in some situations .It is reported by many technology blogs including thenextweb ,that Apple Phone5 vibrates louder than iPhone 4s .

Apple iPhone5's vibrating motor tear down

Back in iPhone4 they were using the same technology used in iPhone 5 now ,that is a very common type of motor ,that rotates the elements inside and vibrate .But Apple has started using a nicer vibrating system in Apple iPhone4S. For everyone’s surprise ,Apple rolled out it’s new device with the old technology that gives poor result.

Then, when the Verizon iPhone 4 rolled around, Apple had swapped it out for the nicer linear oscillating vibrator, which provides a smoother, more ‘accurate’ and quieter vibration. The iPhone 4S also used this nicer option for its vibration motor- Thenextweb

Here is the  motor used in Apple iPhone4s for smoother vibration :

vibrating system used in apple iphone4s

[image credit – thenextweb]

Apple should have it’s own reasons to go back .  But the company that knows how to create magic ,still sells Apple like hotcakes !

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