Apple (fans) replies to Samsung’s Ad

Samsung has released an interesting advertisement on most of the print media in USA yesterday ,the Samsung’s ad concept was Galaxy S3 Vs. iPhone 5 (a Feature comparison) and it went on saying The Next Big Thing  is Already Here –Galaxy SIII in the advertisement .

Apple fan boys started to show their displeasure over this ,and here is an interesting reply for the Samsung’s Ad by Apple Fan Boys.(The second image here ,gives more clear reading )



samsung galaxy siii vs apple iphone5 comparision chart

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII’s NFC feature shown as a security threat (defending Apple for not implementing  NFC in iPhone5)
  • 11.4 hrs. of talking time ,offered by Galaxy S3 is seen good for Tele Marketers
  • Direct Call and Smart Alert tend to save just only 2 seconds of time 🙂
  • Most of the features of S3 declared as copy from iOS

Hope coming days are  going to be more and more interesting days ,where the Fan boys of Samsung and Apple will keep feeding the media headlines !

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