Want to protect your privacy while spying NASA via internet ?

A Mobile app to protect your search habits from spying  eyes .

Disconnect Search - Privacy protecting search application for android

A Cool App”Disconnect Search” letting you search internet without revealing your personal information !

Privacy of users ,has been becoming a growing concern ,when do they use internet . After the revelation of a former government spy on how American  and other governments investigate users’ personal data through web sites and free services like search engines etc ,  Now people are bit scared to have a free go on the net.

“Disconnect Search” helps you !

Newly debuted application ,called “Disconnect Search” helps you to search for anything online ,without revealing your personal identity to the search engines . You can choose which search engine (default is Google)do you like to search through .

Search without revealing personal identity

The search results ,shown above for the search term”Top secrets of Nasa”  cannot be traced by the search engine for the origin of the search term (simply the person search for)

This way of searching  may not fully protect you from government agencies ,but definitely protects you from ad targeting activities , the applications showing you advertisements based on your interests ,

Screen shot of disconnected search app

This “Disconnect Search” Android application is totally free ,you can get it from the play store  by performing a simple search for the app.

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