Microsoft’s Official -office mobile for android – What the heck is this ?


When Techcrunch buzzed about the Office Mobile (finally ) from Microsoft ,I was amazed and rushed to try it on my Android mobile phone . At Techcrunch, the review of ‘Office Mobile on i-Pad’ was explaining  the great features and   giving me further push on trying   .

Office Mobile for Android Screen shot1
Office Mobile for Android Screen shot1

I couldn’t wait and installed the app in my Galaxy Note II. It was a n absolute disaster I realized .There are only handful of  basic functions available . You have to save your files in the cloud(OneDrive) at Microsoft’s servers.If you are not connected to the internet, your file will be saved somewhere in your phone temporarily and will upload to the cloud when you are connected.

Office Mobile for Android Screen shot2
Office Mobile for Android Screen shot2

Cons of Office Mobile by Microsoft for Android

  • No easy controls on screen to perform various tasks
  • Very minimal editing features
  • Could not find the way to insert  images at the first glance (if anyone knows ,please tell us)
  • Any of the third party Office App on Android is far more better than this initial  version
  • Office for iOS seems much better ,then why did they do this cheap job for Android ?

 Pros of Office Mobile

  • Sorry I couldn’t find one  🙂


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