Mark your location in Map–Re Locate it simply – my augmented reality app for Android

If you are living in a small country where Google Maps doesn’t offer you turn by turn navigation ,then This app can help you a little .

For people who know   the term ‘Augmented Reality’ already ,it is another feast .

Just run the application and mark your location(‘new location’ from the menu ) ,give a name for it ,save.

my augmented reality app review 1

  • Saved locations,choose one to see where are you now from there and see the movement on the go !

my augmented reality maps app for android

  • Here you do see,my saved location (A local restaurant which offers country style rice and curry on lotus leave )

my augmented reality maps app for android

Do you see the distance of saved location  from my current location ,and my location in big blue circle icon

the same function is available in other map apps in a complicated way ,but this tiny app does it simply .

  • Augmented Reality (for advanced users )

once the locations are saved ,the augmented view –through camera works fine

my augmented reality maps app for android2

When you click ‘Augmented View’ from the menu ,the camera view is opened and just point your view finder ,then the places you have saved will appear in the respective directions .

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