Does your Galaxy Note 2 become unstable ?


Google Play Update and Problem .

Recently I have observed that my Galaxy Note 2 ,started to behave strangely .The most stable mobile operating system of the planet –Android has started going to the un-responding state frequently .I got to know that a newly installed app should be the culprit ,but that was a hard task to hunting the thief in the crowd . Finally ,I have figured out that the recent Google Play update is the main cause for the problem.

Guys ,have you observed that when you have updated your device for the latest Google Play Version 4.0.27 (go to settings n the Google Play and find the Build version last ) there ,all the user  settings of the Play Store won’t be updated .  This causes the issue. In my case the “automatic update only for Wi-Fi settings” has been changed(to the default) and device started to update all the tons of my apps over the carriers’ data connection and this batch process created the mayhem .

[stop all of your internet connection and see whether your phone runs smoothly ]

Once I have rectified this issue ,my previous charming relationship with the device has been resumed .

Hope this will help lot of folks here ! [ there is no any meaningful link between this story and the image – sorry for that 🙂 )

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