Android Over takes the mobile O/S run in US–this is the version history


As per a recent comScore report, Samsung has eaten up almost 25.6% market share in terms of the top handset manufacturer. With regards to platforms, Android persists to lead with an overall 52.2% subscribers banking on it. Apple managed to secure 33.4% of the total amount. Android has overtaken the race ,but Apple shows a steady growth (by 2 points change while Android shows 1.4 ) within two time periods shown in the table here.

  • This table (obtained from Comscore )illustrates the growth of Android in US market

Android Vs Apple market share july 2012 comscore

Symbian ,Windows Phone and RIM’’s O/S are in the decline continuously in US(World wide too)

Apple is the only tight competitor for Android . In the wake of Android now ,people are talking much about the various versions ,you might have confused with the names and version numbers of Android platform ,the following table illustrates the Code Name (pet name) and the Version Numbers of the Android platform. Version number is higher ,the latest O/S you have .

  • Android Version numbers and code names


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