3 Easy steps to watch YouTube videos smoother in your Android Tablets

I am a good fan of You Tube videos . I have been facing issues with the slow loading time and the length of video played every time after buffering with my Motorola Xoom ,Finally I have figured out the cause. The average broadband connections don’t allow you to stream  HD videos uninterrupted( until other wise you are blessed with a lightning fast connection in your country ). Just stop the HD option on your YouTube application and play the video ,it buffers faster and play uninterrupted 

How to play You Tube Video uninterrupted in your Android Tablet (Motorola Xoom,Samsung Galaxy Tab etc) ?

youtube video played in motorola xoom

  1. Start the You Tube and open the video you want
  2. Tab (touch ) on the HQ icon in the bottom left of the video (that stops the HQ video)
  3. play the video now (most of the videos are good quality for the screen ,even those are not HD don’t worry )

how to stop hq on youtube and play smooth

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