Galaxy Note 8–Successor of Note II ?!- Official now

Following the massive success of Samsung’s Phablet Galaxy Note and Note II ,they have announced a bit bigger ,yet sexier Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the event of Mobile World Congress –2013.

Galaxy Note 8 specs and features

What is Galaxy Note 8 ?

It is not going to take your Galaxy Note II or something .But it is going to be a bit bigger Note and phone with lesser hardware specs when compared with Galaxy Note II. Obviously the highlighted features are almost similar to Galaxy Note II ,like Air view, S-Pen integration ,Jelly Bean 4.2 OS etc..

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Google Glasses–the next Big thing ,has been revealed bit more !


Google Glasses – Official Video .

Guys you don’t mislead yourself for anything by just seeing the picture here  it’s just a screen shot of the video I want you to see 🙂 .The video is embedded bellow .Google has been developing the concept of Google glasses for years like how it is testing the driver less cars on the streets for years.The revolutionary Google glass itself a mini computer with a screen and wire less connectivity to access internet .When you see things ,the glass can grab information of the things and scenes using the longitude ,latitude coordinates and by searching similar images in the net (Google’s Goggles ). Google Glasses can take videos and snap shots . Google glasses recognize your voice and carryout the voice commands to perform various tasks . Google glasses going to be an interactive encyclopedia and multimedia device !

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New Video Messaging–from Skype


Skype is about to roll out a new feature called video messaging shortly  for mobile clients including Android ,iOS and for  the desktop operating system Mac . The features will be available for limited geographical locations like US,UK and some other countries for the time being .

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