Apple Pays off $21 Million for the Clock design used in iPad

Apple Clock Swiss Railway 21 Million $

Working in the Tech industry by aligning  hundreds of aspects has never been much easier for anyone .

Apple offered a simple and beautiful Clock Application for it’s users via iOS 6 update free of charge ,but it was bit costly for  the company as $21 Million. Apple is very famous to suing other companies for patents . But when time comes worse ,Apple gets caught for the same cause . The clock design illustrated  here and used in iPad’s Clock App had been taken from Swiss Railway where they have this famous iconic clock in operation .Apple even failed to acknowledge the name of SBB in the app . After , Apple got notified by the Swiss Railway they have gone for a settlement of $21 Million and now Apple got the rights to use the design in all iPads and iPhones .

Last month SBB(Swiss Railway Operator ) announced it had reached a licensing deal that would allow Apple to use the design in iPads and iPhones, but didn’t disclose any details. Next time when you launch this app would know ,that how much it was costed to Apple !.

Walmart fires employees for throwing iPads in the store


Naughty employees of the famous Walmart stores in America had some fun time with the latest iPads inside the store . iPads have been transferred from place to place in throw and catch mode(since it is Apple ) . None of the devices have been broken as per the spokesperson there . The video footage of the incident taken by the employees has appeared on the Youtube and created a mayhem at Walmart ,consequently the employees involved in the naughty job have been fired by the company .

Video of Wallmart-Apple iPad Throw and Catch event

Watch the video but beware about the naught language used in

Source : PCmag

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