Belle FP2 update – pulled back by Nokia–Will be back shortly !



Latest Update : 04/10/2012

Why the Belle FP2 Update has been suspended ?

In Nokia’s latest announcement they have claimed that the Belle FP2 update caused some issues only with the Nokia Music App,therefore the update has been suspended ,but the resuming date and time still unknown,stay tune with us as we follow Nokia for this.

Latest statement from Nokia’s employee at the discussion forum :

“Nokia started to roll out a software update to Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 on October 2. We encountered some technical issues in the software which are limited to Nokia Music application. We are working to solve the problem, and will continue to deliver the software update as soon as possible. We apologize to our consumers for any inconvenience this has caused.“

Original Post(03/10/2012) 

Nokia has started to roll out Belle FP2 firmware update ,we have just reported in our blog ,and later we have found ,that the update has been suspended in the Nokia Servers for a while ( temporarily) due to some bugs found in during the updates.

If your phone is not prompting for an update by now ,don’t worry ,just wait  for the time,Follow us [] we will keep you updated .

Nokia announced it today in their discussion forums :

Hi all,

just a quick heads up. We’ve heard about some issues after the update and now decided to take the update files off our servers until we have investigated the case.

I’ll announce it here once the update is available again, but for the moment please don’t worry if your phone doesn’t get the update.


Best regards,

Yvonne –

To find out more about the Belle FP2 update ,and the supported phone models read our previous post here .

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Belle FP2 update is live for Nokia Phones–603,700,701 and 808 Pureview

Nokia Symbian Belle FP2 update -02/10/2012

Nokia has rolled out the most anticipated firmware update Belle FP2 for the Nokia phones using Belle O/S . New Belle FP2 firmware is available via OTA(Over the Air).

Nokia 603, 700, 701 and 808 are the phones, eligible for a FP2 update now.

WHAT’S NEW in Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2

  • Camera improvements for easier use
  • Faster typing with the new keyboard
  • With HTML5 web apps, you can add your favourite web services directly to the start screen and apps menu. Services, such as web mail, are now available offline.
  • An enhanced music player
  • Car Mode now has a more simplified look and feel
  • Performance and usability improvements

Nokia 808 Pureview phone got some special treatment with the Belle FP2 update those are :

  • Gallery Grid view when you have the phone in landscape
  • Access to more functions when you open your images from the Gallery widget on your home screen – swipe through other images, zoom, share, edit, and send images faster.
  • More information about your images, such as image resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, and file size,  and the location. When you are connected online, one click will show you on Nokia Maps where the photo was taken.
  • Select and delete multiple photos in Gallery Grid
  • New reset button in Creative mode to change all the settings back to default with a single touch

Firmware is available since 02/10/2012 As Per Nokia

Via : Nokia

How to save data cost and battery life of my Android Phone ? – Mini Guide

This guide is for the new buddies  at Android platform

android phone battery life problemsandoird platfrom guideWi-Fi and Data connection settings on Android phones
If you are owning an Android phone and you are new to the O/S environment  ,you might have been going through a massive data usage-disaster   (for Google services ) . Connection to the internet  is enabled by default on your Android phones in most  cases .As a new user of  Android earlier I was thinking that ,internet connectivity cannot be stopped in the Android system. But which was untrue .

The more your phone uses the data connection ,the more your battery runs out . This mini guide would help you to save the battery life and Data cost both in your Android phone.

There are few things  ,that you can do to stop unwanted data use over your valuable data plan .

  1. Try to use the Wi-Fi  – Switch on the Wi-Fi  connection ,when it is available . Using the Wi-Fi connection automatically stops the Mobile Data connection over your carrier . Wi-Fi connection uses lesser power than any other mobile data connection ,which saves a lot of battery .

    how to switch off on wi fi in ICS,Galaxy phones,Android

  2. Switch off the data connection permanently – Just go to Applications folder > Settings > More(under Wireless and network)>Mobile networks>Tick off  the check box at “Use Mobile Data” option.You can switch on the data connection by following the same steps ,when ever you need it .

    how to switch off/on data connection on Samsung Galaxy / Android phones

  3. Set the Google Play to update the applications ,on Wi-Fi connections only – If you have plenty of Apps downloaded from Google Play ,then whenever the update is available ,your phone will   download it ,but you know the applications  are normally big in file size and can consume a lot of data use . You can change this nature at the Google Play application. Go to Google Play Store >>Tab the options(left bottom of the screen)>Settings>Tick “Update over Wi-Fi only” ,done !
    how to set google play to update over wi fi connections only

After you stopped using the data connection ,you will see a massive boost in your battery life !

And more: There are some more typical ways to increase the battery life such as decrease the screen brightness etc, but I don’t want to have a low life with the hi end device (hope you would too),so ,the steps I have given here is for a better battery use and best data use.


First impressions of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini– Exclusive to TecKdiary


At TecKdiary we have   managed to get the photo  of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini .Thanks to  Adobe Photoshop ! 🙂 . The  photo of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini shows that ,it should be held on your palms without any problem ,will sit in your pockets without any pushes  . And  I am really sorry about my poor photo shop skills ,that fails to make any professional level imaging !

[ Relevant news – Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini–debut in the market soon?  ]

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini–debut in the market soon?


Samsung Mobile has sent  invitations to the media in Germany on 2nd of October(yesterday) for an (unveiling?) event  ,without clear description of the contents of the event. Samsung doesn’t mention anything in particular in the invitation ,but the tag line goes "So big can be small. And so small can be big." The Galaxy icon is in the background of the invitation .This makes the rumor mill work faster ,Folks over many technology blogs including GSMarena guess that ,the small version of Samsung Galaxy S3-Galaxy S3 Mini would debut in the event for the people who love to hold smaller gadgets .

The Samsung’s press meet will fall on 11th of October 2012 ,and guys you have no other options than waiting for the day !

Source (German)

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