Few reasons to buy Nokia Lumia 920 ,and one reason to Avoid

Should I buy Nokia Lumia 920 ?


Nokia Lumia 920 windows phone buying guide

Nokia Lumia 920,Finnish company’s mostly anticipated handset has been placed on the table. Most of the US carriers will start to offer Lumia 920 from October and November this year. It is reported that AT&T will  offer this windows phone 8  device from21st October  2012. So ,this is the time to have an overlook of Nokia Lumia 920 .Let us begin with the key attractions first.

Key and Attractive features of Nokia Lumia 920

  1. Pure Motion HD+ display
  2. 4.5” Large Display – If you compare with Apple iPhone5 ,yes it is a treat .
  3. Nokia Maps – Nokia is always best at it’s innovative Nokia Maps ,I don’t have any negative points to discuss on this .
  4. Pure View camera technology – Apart from providing highest quality images among the competitors, the ability to take incredibly good night shots .
  5. Windows Phone 8  – The latest Windows Mobile Operating system .
  6. Qi wireless charging – QI is the standard for wireless charging ,Nokia uses the technology inbuilt with it’s new handset. There are different types of charging pads available .
  7. Colour selection – Lumia 920 available around 5 colours to choose
  8. Nokia City Lens – It is an augmented reality application , you can see the point of interests around your location via your phone’s camera .[Click here for a small video ad of Nokia Lens)
  9. Nokia Music – Tons of free song downloads exclusively available for Nokia Lumia
  10. Exclusive Applications – Apps like Red Bull, Groupon with Augmented Reality and even Angry Birds Roost will all be coming   to Nokia Lumia first before anyone else   get them.
  11. A sexy Beautiful design – Nokia Lumia 920 is the most beautiful phone at the moment ,it is appealing .

Nokia Lumia 920 list of available colours

Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be an expensive handset today at an estimated price tag of $758 or £476 . But it is a perfect choice for any modest user . People really love simplicity should go for Nokia Lumia 920 .

Why Nokia Lumia 920 shouldn’t be your next phone ?

  1. Windows Phone 8 – The only reason ,techies don’t see Lumia 920 as the rocking phone is the operating system it runs on. After using a flexible O/S like Android and  after playing a sleek and innovative iOS ,definitely there is nothing on WP8 phone intuitive .  There is a massive numbers of apps available for WP8 but the productive natures of them are very limited. If you are an application junkie and want to have more and more in your phone ,like to  keep the phone updated for a long time with lot of different new versions of the O/S ,then Nokia Lumia 920 is not for you .

Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting ready – Leaked photos ?!

sasmung galaxy S4 ,Galaxy SIV

As per the news published in Korea Times ,there are significant chances to get the next Big thing from Samsung on March 2012,the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the source, the representatives of companies supplying parts for the upcoming smartphone confirmed that Samsung plans to introduce Samsung Galaxy S 4 in February  of the following year at the annual international exhibition  Mobile World Congress 2013 . Launch and start of sales is scheduled for March 2013 . This plan is more than realistic: Samsung Galaxy S 3 was presented in May and in June on sale.

Technical Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4

We don’t know much about the upcoming Galaxy S4 but the only spec we can guess ,that  the Galaxy S 4 will have a 5-inch OLED-display for sure. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be slimmer and hold about 2 GB of RAM .

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Source: phandroid.com

A Must to have Accessory – Portfolio Case for Motorola XOOM


I was using the Motorola Xoom about a year and found keeping it on desired angles is troublesome at times. I wanted to have a kick stand to watch movies ,even to browse internet and do some other tasks ,wanted to keep my Motorola save from scratches  ,finally I am convened to go for a Motorola Xoom Portfolio Case  .

I have ordered a Portfolio Case via eBay and it took about 14 days to reach my country form USA. Any how it is really worth for waiting .

Pros of Motorola Portfolio Case

  • Built quality of  this Xoom case is excellent .
  • Very  light weight product ,and will not much extra Kgs in your hand .
  • Since ,this Xoom case originally made my Motorola ,it fits perfectly with the Xoom Tablet.
  • You have the option to keep your Tablet on a standing position and enjoy all of your movies now !

Cons of Motorola Portfolio Case

  • No Magnetic lid to close/open the case to use the Tablet

motorola xoom carry case offer price

Buy one Motorola Portfolio Case at Offer Price now

Motorola offering this Portfolio Case just for $4.99 now (Earlier it was $39.99) .I purchased it from a third party supplier and it coasted me about $8.9 .

Want to proceed to Motorola online store ? Click here !

Apple (fans) replies to Samsung’s Ad

Samsung has released an interesting advertisement on most of the print media in USA yesterday ,the Samsung’s ad concept was Galaxy S3 Vs. iPhone 5 (a Feature comparison) and it went on saying The Next Big Thing  is Already Here –Galaxy SIII in the advertisement .

Apple fan boys started to show their displeasure over this ,and here is an interesting reply for the Samsung’s Ad by Apple Fan Boys.(The second image here ,gives more clear reading )



samsung galaxy siii vs apple iphone5 comparision chart

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII’s NFC feature shown as a security threat (defending Apple for not implementing  NFC in iPhone5)
  • 11.4 hrs. of talking time ,offered by Galaxy S3 is seen good for Tele Marketers
  • Direct Call and Smart Alert tend to save just only 2 seconds of time 🙂
  • Most of the features of S3 declared as copy from iOS

Hope coming days are  going to be more and more interesting days ,where the Fan boys of Samsung and Apple will keep feeding the media headlines !

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