Waves of Apple iPhone5 – highlights

iPhone5 highlights features

I Thought to give some updates on the interesting iPhone5 waves .

iPhone 5 was announced on 12th of September 2012 ,by Apple ,tech world is busy on  fact finding masses are busy on pre ordering Apple iPhone 5.

  • Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone5 discussed – Apple iPhone is bigger,slimmer ,faster than iPhone4S ,and has faster LTE(7th generation)data connectivity .These are the new additions to the company’s new phone. iOS 6 is the core of the iphone6 ,but all other iProducts would get the iOS 6 update company claimed . What is felt after the announcements  , oops ..nothing enough to be excited on iPhone5.[read the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s comparison here ]
  • You may find our previous post has more interesting information about the innovation in iPhone 5 –
  • Apple iPhone 5 is not a game changer anyway ,What is new there to care ?

  • iPhone5 Sales blown –pre order of iPHone5 exceeded the pre order amount of iPhone 4S ,a record from Apple – iPhone5 has been available  at  online stores for pre order from 13th of Friday ,Apple claimed to had a great number of sales within an hour time ,the same number they got via iPhone 4s sales last year took a day period .Apple changed the shipment period from 1 week to 2 weeks after an hour time since the orders exceeded their expected numbers .wow !
  • iPhone5 can’t offer data connection and voice simultaneously – Reports are coming from the corners of world ,that Apple iPhone5 has a radio signal problem that prevents it from having data and voice connection on CDMA networks at the same time. 
  • 3 sets of radio technologies and three types of iPhone 5 to work in different carriers – So ,there no one thing to work worldwide ,you may have difficulties in using the iPhone ,if you on a trip to some countries ,where they have a different type of network.

Google Chrome Added ‘do not track ‘ privacy option in it’s update

private browsing on google chorme 2012

As you visit web sites ,the sites can track your browsing  behaviours for targeted advertising ,create more interesting contents based on your interests etc. But some time you may don’t want to give up your privacy for anyone. This privacy issue was a big concern last few years for people and analysts . Internet explorer ,Firefox and other major Browsers already implemented the private browsing facility in their browsers ,so you can simply switch on it and browse the web sites anonymously . 

Google took long time to implement this policy and finally took steps now.Google has issued the code update to the developer build of Chrome . The “Do not track “ option will be an inbuilt feature of the Google Chrome soon, you are likely to get the updated Chrome ,which offers private browsing by the end of this year .

But ,still you can use a private browsing option within Chrome,by downloading the Private Browsing Extension from Google’s Web store .

Price of unlocked iPhone 5 starting from $649 in US

Price of unlocked iPhone 5 starting from $649 in US

Following the launch of the Apple’s new iPhone5 ,we have already reported the specs and contract prices of iPhone 5 variants . Here you can see the price of the pre order devices from the following screen shot taken from Apple’s web site.($199 for 16 GB ,$299 for 32 GB,$399 64 GB – iPhone5 models )

apple iphone 5 prices on contract $199,$299,$399

But if you want to be a free bird ,you may choose an unlocked device ,that work with any carrier .But the price of unlocked Apple iPhone 5 seems pretty expensive .The prices of the iPhone 5 variants are the same price offered for  Apple 4S at the time of launch  .

Apple iPhone 5 Price List (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 5 Model Price starting from
16 GB $649
32 GB $749
64 GB $849

We have more interesting ,developing stories on Apple iPhone5,  just keep us book marked and come back !( www.twitter.com/teckdiary )

E bay application on Android creates troubles


ebay app on android

After I got the very recent update of the ebay application on my Android powered smartphone and the tablet both, I have been noticing the error message that automatically pop ups and says ebay application is not responsive.

Even I am unable to start the application on my both devices. If it is the case I don’t care of much but I have noticed that because of the background process of the ebay application the devices become unresponsive.

If you have the same issue with your device and have installed the ebay app, now you know the reason for the unknown behaviour of your device.

Solution – what else, just un install the ebay app, now you are gone free from troubles.

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