Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Are you  buying  a Samsung Galaxy SIII any soon ?

I have personally advised lots of colleagues to buy Samsung Galaxy SIII as the reports coming from all around the world are very positive . But   there are some complains (as everything in the world has)raising up on Galaxy S3 now. Let us have a look at it and try to estimate the level of threat .

1)Samsung Galaxy  S3’s Wi-Fi connectivity  has some issues

Samsung Galaxy has the highest speed data connectivity – LTE an it is claimed to be very cool all the times. But the mostly used Wi-Fi has some slow and  signal strength problems. It means surfing the web on a Wi-Fi connection on a Samsung Galaxy SIII is not that easy as using it’s LTE . But the complains have made on few units only ,there for you are likely to get a good unit more probably ,but it’s good to check your new device for the connectivity problem and return back it for warranty claims . You can state as the Wi-Fi radio has some problem in your device .

Tip – Some steps you can take to rectify the Wi-Fi issue in your Galaxy SIII (it worked for someone )

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings of your phone >> Turn off the Power saving option  .

2)Samsung S Voice – The Voice command feature is not much advanced as advertised


Samsung Direct call on Galaxy S3 demo

Reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy S3’s S-Voice, a feature that uses your voice commands to perform certain tasks like ‘calling a contact ,sending test messages’ are pretty same like the previous versions  (S2) People who have tested the S-Voice ,telling it pretty much same as Apple’s Siri  and no improvement over it.

3)S3’ Memory Expansion slot permits  upto 64 GB but….

Unlike other Samsung devices ,Galaxy S3 doesn’t allow you to install applications on the external memory . The external memory chip can be used to store your images and videos but not to keep applications. But you have note that the 16 GB model from S3 holds a 11 GB of space for all of your applications and which is a plenty of space for apps.

4)Mass storage mode gone – Cant use your Samsung Galaxy S3 as a Flash drive

You might have seen many times a pop up window whenever you connect your previous phones with your PC and able to open the memory card seamlessly like you do with your PC’s hard drive . That kind connectivity has been gone now . Samsung Galaxy S3 can be connected with your PC via Samsung Kies – the toughest application ,and the worse interface designed to transfer data and browse your phone on a PC. This is due to some security constraints ,I guess. so if you want to open your phone’s memory on a PC ,you should have the Samsung Kies installed in the PC .Sad smile 

Summery of Cons of Samsung Galaxy S3 :

I don’t see above problems are more effective for most of the users unless the wireless connectivity issue ,as those  are very very minimal for an average user . The tech survey users will find out the third party software solutions to expand the capabilities of the device (i.e. :you can install apps on the external memory by rooting the device )and hopefully all problems will be addresses in the upcoming minor software updates .

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S3

We have written here enough and all other features you enjoy are the pros ,and you can find it all over the blog and from the related posts here ! Smile 

Flipboard-Interesting News Reader for your Android Device

flipboard app review at

Best of Android Apps Series – Mini Reviews at

I thought about giving my personal insights about the best apps of Android (sooner Apple)after using them  for some time. There are tons of applications available in the Market ,as a user you may struggle to identify the best ones and usable ones .We ,at (My self and Stephen ) take care of this filtering job for you and plan to publish reviews of Good apps for smart phones (As we did for Symbian at ) continuously .


It is a small application (free) that allows you to read your subscribed feeds and the feeds recommended by the application itself in a beautiful and well organized view. You can simply flip up and down the pages by tapping your finger ,it offers you a great transition look ,makes the reading experience more colorful .

flipboard app review 1

  • You can choose the news items ,to add your  Flipboard .

2012-09-10 11.29.03

  • You customize the Flipboard, watch out your Facebook ,Twitter timelines in a E-Book style (first image on the top  shows my Facebook time line activity )


Flipboard customization options

  • You can add your Google feeds to this app, like most of other apps do .
  • It has an average rating of 4.5 so far  and downloaded over a million times .


2012-09-10 11.12.10

Try Flipboard and let us know ,how is it !

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