Google’s Gesture Search–an amazing app for calling contacts faster

Best Free Android app- Google Gesture Search

Google Gesture Search –Best app for touch screens

Just draw the first letters of the person you want to call or the name of the application you want to start from your crowded app collection ,Google Gesture Search displays the most used contacts in the most appropriate order (For people used to have thousands of contacts, this is the ultimate way of getting things done faster )

Malware may attack your Exsynos Device – Warning for Galaxy SII ,S III and Note II owners !

Samsung Exynos Processor - Malware problems fix

Samsung has officially acknowledged that there is an exploit on it’s Exsynos processors – used in Samsung phones including Galaxy SII,Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II ,that leads the devices get infected by malware and possibly leak personal data out of them. I have witnessed for strange behaviours on many Galaxy SII and similar Samsung devices . Finally the hard reset had given the solution .

Finally Samsung accepted the loophole it had in the Exynos processor and promised an immediate patch for the devices as software update. The patch will be available soon to the infected models using Exsynos processors. Continue reading Malware may attack your Exsynos Device – Warning for Galaxy SII ,S III and Note II owners !

Official 3,000mAh extended battery for Galaxy S3 available for $65


Samsung Officially unveiled an extended battery with a capacity of 3000mAah for Galaxy SIII in order to offer extended life time for power users .

An average giant screen, (anything above 3.5″) Android device can last only for a half day of heavy use . If you are a power user that can be worsen the situation . Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy SIII comes with standard Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery which can last about a day on a typical use . But the power monster Galaxy Note II  which uses a 3100mAh battery lasts about two days ,typically 1.5 days for a power user. Continue reading Official 3,000mAh extended battery for Galaxy S3 available for $65

Brand New Facebook–Native App Now Available for Android

Facebook native android application downloadFacebook native android application download

Official Facebook Android Application  Ver 2.0  –Download now !

The most anticipated Facebook’s Native Android application has been released (on 13th of December 2012). We have written about the Native FB App preparation already at TecKdiary. The new Facebook application- Version 2.0 ,is faster than ever before. Lot of fun to use . Now the photos are loading in a lighting speed . Even the status updates very quickly. Continue reading Brand New Facebook–Native App Now Available for Android

Samsung Galaxy Note II–started to get the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update now !

Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 udpate Galaxy Note II

it’s a quick heads up Samsung Mobile  has started Rolling-out the Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the International GALAXY Note II N7100 devices  since yesterday 11,December. The update brings many New Premium features and bug fixes to Samsung’s flagship device. Jelly Bean update is Rolling-out via KIES & OTA. I have checked with my Galaxy Note II UK Version ,(using the Kies and OTA) but I haven’t got anything good yet .As you know ,they used to implement the updates country by country and variant by variant ,so that ,your device can get update at any time soon ,keep on checking and enjoy the new features of Galaxy Note II updated with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note II–started to get the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update now !

Flip Leather Case for Galaxy Note II–Mini Review

2012-11-23 09.02.23

Folks who have a new Samsung Galaxy Note II ,may  be looking forward to have some accessories to decorate and protect the new  gadget. A leather case ,that gives a look and feel of a diary / purse to your device should be nice choice ,I mean a flip case made by leather .  I have gone  on hunting for a leather case at Ebay and found this nice case. The Leather case cost me only $ 9.89 Plus for shipping $ 1.99 . The case is a perfect match for Galaxy Note II ,you can put few of your credit/debit and other electronic cards ,even there is space to keep some cash(notes) . I don’t carry my purse these days as the leather case holds vital items always . Continue reading Flip Leather Case for Galaxy Note II–Mini Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update !

galaxys3_jb_412_official_update2 _teckdiary
{Image credit : youmobile ]

Friends ,this is a quick heads up !

As Samsung promised earlier this year ,they have released the most anticipated firmware update to the Samsung Galaxy SIII yesterday(5th Dec) ,before the Christmas .There are  whooping  number of changes going to surprise you . Most of the boasted features on Galaxy Note II ,have been delivered to the small brother  this time . You can try your luck ,the update is being sent via Samsung Kies(via PC) and OTA (via Phone),let us know what you have found exciting there !

Official Galaxy S III Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Change-log[What is new in S3 now ? }

• Performance Enhancements
• Multi-Window Multitasking (as seen on Note II)
• Page Buddy –you have on Note II
• New Gallery App (as seen on Note II)
• Customizable Notification Panel
• Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled
• Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
• Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Swipe-like Keyboard)
• Paper Artist App
• Group Cast App
• Various Bug fixes

Samsung Galaxy S III tops in sales in UK–Apple comes second

Galaxy SII is the highest selling smart phone in UK

Galaxy SIII -hot in uk -Sales figure december 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII ,still holding the majority market share in UK ,Apple iPhone comes in the second and third positions (iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 respectively ). The whooping amount of publicity iPhone 5 received couldn’t help it to top the list .

The latest figures, which are based on live searches, pre-orders and pay monthly sales that have been compiled by uSwitch, have found that the dated Samsung Galaxy S2 remains the UK’s fourth most popular handset behind the two iPhones and its S3 sibling.-Source

The top ten-hot selling smart phones in UK –Christmas Season -2012

1. Samsung Galaxy S III
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Apple iPhone 5
4. Samsung Galaxy S II
5. Nexus 4
6. Samsung Galaxy Ace
7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
8. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
9. Sony Xperia U
10. HTC One X

TecKdiary had predicted already ,that Apple cannot compete other mobile giants any sooner ! Many thinks have taken place in the market  in 2012,those are not very positive to Apple’s current stake .Await for our “insights of Apple “ an analysis ,that will be posted here  soon.

Should I use screen protectors on my Gorilla glass 1 & 2 phones ?

Screen Protector reviews -Galaxy SIII,Galaxy Note II,Apple iPhone 5,4s

We all know that Gorilla glass is the toughest glass used in the modern day mobile phones to  protect them . Most of us ,becoming more reluctant to use screen protectors on the new devices . This small note will help you to understand whether screen protectors are still needed or not for your device .

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading scratch and damage resistance that consumers demand. Samsung Electronics equipped the GALAXY S III with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables the device’s slim and sleek design, and helps protect the device display from scratches and bumps. Press Release –Corning

Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII ,Apple iPhones 4S,iPhone 5  ,have  Gorilla glass 1 on them and the new siblings  of SII,Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2 and some other latest high end devices are coming with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 . Gorilla glass 2- means more tough and more protection from scratches . (if you want to find out more technically – visit Corning Gorilla Glass site here )

Don’t  believe any Youtube videos  of Gorilla Glass scratch test .

The YouTube videos showing the extra ordinary scratch  tests of Gorilla Glass defiantly miss lead you to a crack your device . Personally,I am  one of a  victims of that . Trusting the hardness of my Samsung Galaxy SII ,made me to give a demo to my friends by forcefully scratching my device with my car keys led to some nasty experience (The scratches on my Galaxy S2 ,is very obvious in this photo ? )

Samsung Galaxy S2/SII Scratched Gorilla Glass -image

Gorilla glasses are made to protect your phones from day  to day scratches , ie : it may protect your phone fro the minor scratches caused by  the keys you put together n your pocket ,sand and dusty came on the air etc.

Final words –Yes you should use screen protectors

I have used most of  the expensive and high end smart phones like Apple iPhone 4s,Nokia N97,Nokia N8,Samsung Galaxy Note 1,Note II ,Galaxy SII ( and now testing sIII) and found they all needed a screen protector hardly ,otherwise they used to get some minor scratches . I have ordered screen protectors for my new Galaxy Note 2-N7100 from ebay and waiting to be delivered . Meanwhile my device is protected by a custom cut screen protector purchased from local market .

How much a good screen protector costs ?

An anti glare screen protector for phones like Galaxy SIII,Note II starts as little as  0.99 $ at ebay .

Facebook pushing it’s staff to use Android phones more and more–FB for Android will get better soon !

Facebook for Android - Facebook willing to develop FB app for Android

Most of the people are using mobile phones to go social via online . Facebook had developed a nice application for Apple and the sleek and intuitive FB app attracted million of users. But Folks who use Android phones are not having the same better Facebook application . Facebook realizes it, and now focusing on the development of the new FB app for Android and wants the staff to realize ,how terrible the Facebook app on Android is . This posters are slicked inside the Facebook office to educate and remind the staff to do a better job for Android .

There’s no particular time frame reported when Facebook’s efforts to create a better FB application will finally pay off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised a native Facebook client for Android was coming in the near future, but we couldn’t hear much since the initial announcement.[I am waiting…]


Source – Techcrunch

3 Easy ways to take screen shots in Galaxy Note II–N7100

1 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide

In case you want to get technical support or anything ,you may want to take the screen shot of your Samsung Galaxy Note II(capture the screen ) .There are plenty of ways to do it .

  1. Using S-Pen to take screen shot in Galaxy Note II : it is the most famous and simple way to take screen shot. Just hold your S-Pen on the screen and press the button on the S-Pen for few seconds until you get the flash sound and animation . Once the screen is captured now the image is appeared on the screen ,it is editable ,you can see the tools for editing on top ,do something (if you want)and click save ,done. But the man disadvantage of this method is ,it is little time consuming ,so you may miss something to capture on time.
  2. Using short cut keys to Capture the screen: Just press the power  button(on the right)and the Home button(bottom ,front facing )simultaneously for 5 seconds /until you see the flashing effect on screen along with the sound ,and it is saved in the background ,you can get it from the gallery ,and the notification will be put on the notification panel .Even you can share ,edit or delete directly from the notification panel .2 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide
  3. Swipe the Palm on the screen of Note II– This wont’ work out of the box . You have to set it up . Just go to settings >> (System)Click Motion (switch on it )>>click ‘Palm swipe to capture ‘ >>done. Now just swipe your Palm on the screen from right to left or left to write ,it takes screen shots immediately and save into the gallery .

3 of 3 methods of screen shots on Galaxy Note II -guide

Hope you enjoy this post . This tips definitely help  the new buddies looking to take screen shots on the new Galaxy Note II . If you have any doubts on exploring your Galaxy Note II ,just post here as a comment ,I will carve the earth to answer it ! 🙂

Angry Farmer ! platform independent exciting new stuff

If you think ,that the massive success of Angry Birds-mobile game is the inspiration of this story ,and I’m going to introduce a new mobile game, you are totally wrong .A farmer  who got  refused by the town council to build a cottage for his horses ,  built a table and chairs as those stuff don’t require a pre approval from the Town Council to build .

But the wow factor is the size(see the image bellow), of the furniture he built. There for  this story  is called Angry Farmer . Oh ,and …since it is a jpg image file ,it is platform independent ,compatible with all of your mobile devices to watch and share .Enjoy !


[thanks for the guy who tweeted this hint and image ; the cause  for the image is not verified though ]

Source: Shervin Pshevar


Happy weekend !

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