Windows Phone + Nokia = Success ?


Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone review


Nokia adopted Windows Phone as it’s smartphone platform last year officially and ,already two variants from Nokia using Windows Phone 7 Operating System are available in the market.

Nokia Lumia 800 is the first Windows Phone ever from Nokia ,and Nokia have started shipping the second and affordable Windows phone Nokia Lumia 710 .

Windows Phone 7 is the mobile operating system developed by Microsoft ,already there are several key players in the market offering phones with Windows Phone 7 ,like Samsung,HTC . Nokia is quite new to the Windows Phone market .

pinch to zoom on windows phone 7

Most of the people who are favorable to Microsoft report  Windows Phone O/S as sleek and fast one ,but as I live with Samsung Galaxy SII that uses Android 2.3(Gingerbread) and I have tested Windows phone 7 with HTC T8697,would predict that Nokia will not overtake Android phones as those are far most ahead of the crappy Windows phones.

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List of complains about Kindle Fire

Feedback for a buying decision –Kindle Fire


It is hot on the market now ,but ,is it really worth buying ?

If you plan a gift for your love ones ,specially for your kids in this Christmas season ,you may consider buying a Tablet as a education tool. The attractive price of 199 USD may be a key factor ,that drag you towards Amazon’s Kindle Fire .

bug list of kindle fire at

We saw some drawback of Kindle Fire already at  last week.

After thousands of complains Amazon is heading over to a quick firmware update in order to minimize the bugs  .

Let’s see what are the issues people having with Kindle Fire as per the feedbacks found online.

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