Apps for Windows Phone grow–hit 50,000 ,and so what ?

windows phone apps figures in 2011

Windows Phone has achieved a remarkable number of apps in it’s application store recently , it is marked as passing 50,000 apps by now . If you are a Windows Phone fan boy(probably hard to find one ) ,you may want to say “hurray” ,but from experts’ point of view ,the number of the apps doesn’t matter anyway.

Reportedly ,more than 6,000 apps are found crappy and already removed from the Windows apps store either by Microsoft or the developers themselves .

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Which could be your next Smart Phone ? Android/Apple/Windows ?

What phone could be in your hands in 2012 ?

There are lot of arguments going on, at homes about the next purchase of the Smart Phone ,as this is the season of the year .US and UK are two of the hottest markets for smartphone business ever. All vendors are fully armed with their marketing programs to attract more customers .

google galaxy nexus

I personally use Android Phones for more than a year ,and I was a Nokia addict for quite some time ,but not now for sure.I have used Apple iPhones too.

Here are some personal insights about the smart phones ,that could contribute in your decision making this year . Firstly I am simply ignoring Nokia from the list as it doesn’t have any innovative phones at the moment and secondly Windows phone,that did not create any great impact in the market for decades and yet not ready to compete with . Windows Phone  is just surviving  ,that’s all.

Now the great war is going between iOS and Android ,from my perception

Apple iPhone4S Vs Android Phones (May be Samsung Nexus /Galaxy SII )


which could be your next smart phone ?

The hottest Apple phone in the market is iPhone4S and it is running iOS-5 ,valuable and useful iCloud service  and have one 8 Mega Pixel Camera. iPhone runs on a Dual Core processor,offering you a faster UI experience ever .

Most of the Android Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII,Google Galaxy Nexus too have dual core processor ,hi speed UI ,and 8 Meg Cameras , From the people I’ve interviewed ,the votes go  for iPhone4S’s camera and the camera UI. 

The Camera on the iPhone4S is one of the best cameras  available in mobile phones. If you want a stunning camera phone ,you would go for iPhone no doubt. iCloud is there to save all of your contents in the web cloud storage ,sharing the contents between PC environment and the phone is more easier now .

Apple  Vs Android – User Interface

Apple’s O/S is perfect and almost the same for years(say “outdated” ),fast and initiative ,but if you are not getting bored soon for doing repeated things ,it can be interesting . But Android phones used to have frequent updates and the UI is growing very faster with hotter features and numerous custom Firmware. Lot of  custom ROMs are available for Android than Apple(Rooting and hacking is much easier and permitted indirectly )

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Kindle Fire Gets Firmware Update 6.2.1

At last ,it happened. As we have reported last week Amazon released the software patch or update for the Kindle Fire ,that got lot of positive and negative views in the blogosphere this month.When the sales figure is concern ,Kindle Fire is rocking as now


Changelog of  Kindle Fire Firmware Version 6.2.1

The new firmware update version 6.2.1 brings update for the super one click access (it stops this function ) .And this version update of KF adds the ability to remove books, apps, bookmarks, and other content from the carousel of the homescreen . You can remove the preloaded Face book App with this update.

How to update your Kindle Fire to Firmware version 6.2.1 ?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia gives you a Plenty of Free Storage on Cloud.

free 50 gb storage on

Get 50GB free cloud storage on your account for life.


There are lots of free gifts available in this season for Tech-Freaks. Sony Ericsson and jointly offer you 50 GB of free cloud storage  as Christmas Gift.But you should have a Xperia™ X10 device to get this.

How to get the free 50 GB on ?

If you have an Xperia™ X10 or higher Xperia Smartphone ,you are qualified to get the free service, Sony says . follow the following steps to claim your free storage now.


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Google’s Easter Egg for December 2011 ! ,Have you tried ever ? easter egg 1

Google used to offer Easter eggs time to time. Easter eggs are the hidden tricks of the famous software programs. Normally developing a software is merely boring job ,as you have to do the same thing over and over ,programmers found a way to have some fun in their boring job by putting Easter eggs and letting the users find it .
A hide and find game.

Google offers a way to have some fun with their Easter egg this season.


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Win an Apple iPad2 for free –Giveaway ends soon !

It’s a quick heads up !

apple ipad 2 giveaway 2011

Guys and girls  Phone Arena is giving away a free Apple iPad 2 ,but you should be a   citizen of US to take part in the competition . Randomly a user will be chosen and given away an iPad2

The free giveaway ,ends on 19th of December 2011

How to enter the draw ?

just,do like Phone Arena’s Face book page and post a comment on this picture 

  • Click here to read  the rules at Phone Arena and enter the draw .

Android Phones are leading the way– reports

What shall be your next smart phone platform ?

Android is TeckDiary’s Editor’s choice .


No doubt ,Apple iOS has a major share among the mobile operating systems but apparently Android is booming very fast .If you plan your next device for this holidays and if you don’t have any idea about the Mobile Operating System you want to choose ,this post may help you a little.

Apple iOS comes second in my list albeit the higher number of devices being used currently, for it’s closed nature and Phone’s hardware specs . The monopoly leads to offer the services on their time of convince (they are not like that  really )(Since I am not living in USA ,I am not considering Apple iOS as the services supporting Apple are not available in my country in order to enjoy the iOS )And the screen size of iPhones are not enough for today’s multimedia needs .

Symbian is a dead platform and needless to talk about.

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But Nokia is not doing well with Windows Phone–reports say

Nokia have lost it’s passionate users ,after moving to the Windows Phone . Nokia’s failure of it’s vision made the company to collapse as it is today.

Nokia Lumia 800 sales figure

Nokia strongly believed that the Windows Phone will come to the survival of their smart phone business . But the results coming around ,are not good .

Only 2.2 Percent intend to buy Nokia Lumia 800 !

A survey conducted by Exane BNP Paribas reveals only 2.2 percent of people participated in the  survey express their desire to buy one Windows Phone from Nokia.The survey has been conducted in the European markets where Nokia Lumia 800 is currently available .

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How does face detection unlock your Galaxy Nexus phones ? Video.

face unlock in google's android platform ice cream sandwich and nexus


One of the new features available in the Android Ice cream sandwich is Unlocking the screen with your face . Google advertises their Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone now on TV’s. I am admired by this pretty boy in the video ,you may too. Watch this video to know how does the face detection work in Android now .



Google Nexus–face detection

Watch one more video of Samsung Galaxy Nexus after a short break …

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Microsoft buys Nokia’s Smartphone Division– Prediction comes true !

As we expected last year Finally Microsoft have revealed about an offer extended to Nokia to buy the Smart Phone Division . Danske Bank, the largest bank of Denmark has suggested this deal to it’s clients recently.


Nokia’s shares went up by 3% after this news. As per the bank ,Microsoft will buy Nokia’s Smartphone Division in the first half of 2012.

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Samsung Galaxy SII gets Android Ice-cream Sandwich 4.0.1–Watch in Video

Want to play with Android Ice Cream Sandwich in your Samsung Galaxy SII ? guys it is coming out soon,Samsung is busy cooking up the new firmware update for your Galaxy SII(I9100XXKP1 ? ) that brings Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 . Here is a video of upcoming new firmware  ,successfully ported in the Samsung Galaxy SII by sammobile blog.

What are the changes noticeable in the new firmware of Samsung Galaxy SII- I9100XXKP1 ?

  • Screen unlocking is similar to Android 3.0 (see this picture)

Samsung Galaxy with Ice cream sandwich unlocks like Honeycomp

  • Lot of changes in UI including the settings menu (What I see form this video )

Galaxy SII -with Android Ice cream sandwich

  • Face unlock –attractive new face detection feature available in Android Ice Cream Sandwich and functional in Samsung Galaxy SII (unlock your phone using your face )

face unlock feature in Ice cream sandwich -samsung galaxy sII

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Windows Phone 7.5 poses a security threat via SMS

Microsoft have officially acknowledged  ,that they are aware of the possible SMS attack ,that can lock the Windows Phone 7.5-Mango due to the flaw in the operating system.

Windows Phone sms bug revealed

As a Windows Phone user ,you don’t need to panic as it is not a very serious security threat ,the attackers can send you a sms and lock the phone ,that’s all . Microsoft is working faster to bring the firmware update to rectify the matter . The new Firmware update/patch for the windows phone should be available within couple of days and most probably available over the air this time.

The video here demonstrates how an attack can take place .

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